The Company

“The success of any company, or of a community, stems from the values that inspire it. Seriousness, competence, commitment, respect and responsibility are cornerstones for growth. Speaking for myself and my family, I would also add the spirit of sacrifice. Owners are expected to show even more responsibility, which is conveyed through their duty to put themselves at the service of the company. For this reason we never considered it an end but a way to fulfill our abilities and our ambitions.”

Mr. Roberto Saccone – President
Extract of the speech given to the employees during Olimpia Splendid 60th anniversary celebration.

Olimpia Splendid is an Italian family owned company that since 1956 has distinguished itself as an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of its Air Conditioning, Heating and Air Treatment products.

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide comfort to our customers worldwide, where they live, work and play.

Our Mission

We design and manufacture our comfort products with a focus on being environmentally friendly, industry leading technologies, best in class efficiencies and providing innovative solutions with unique aesthetics.

Our Values

Innovation, Design, Sustainability and the value of our People are the four pillars on which our company for the past 60 years, has built its rich history consisting of continued growth and passion for success.

Our History

Founded in 1956 in Gualtieri, Italy as a family owned company, Olimpia Splendid was a leading manufacturer of wooden, gas and paraffin heating units. In the 1980s, we pioneered the development of our first air conditioning offering, while in the 1990s we were recognized as the second largest vendor of portable air conditioners in Italy. It is thanks to the intuition and the introduction of our first air conditioner without external unit, called MAESTRO, that the company has experienced significant growth and achievement of our goals from the year 2000 to present.