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The powerful portable air conditioner: with a cooling capacity up to 10,000 BTUH which removes humidity in dehumidification mode. Equipped with casters for effortless moving between spaces, thanks to its compact shape and comes the multi-function remote control.


Cooling Capacity up to 10,000 BTUH
Cooling Capacity up to 10,000 BTUH
With only 34.5 height and 15 width.
With only 34.5 height and 15 width.
Up to a maximum of 2.9 pints/hour
Up to a maximum of 2.9 pints/hour


Applications up to 350 sq ft
Cooling capacity: 10,000 BTUH (1)
Sound power: dBA 55 (2)
EER: 8.47
Refrigerant: R410-A
Automatic Condensation Disposal
– No Tank
Multifunction Remote: Wireless control
Display: LED
Timer: 12h 
Convenient side handles
Casters for effortless moving between spaces

Fan Mode
Dehumidification mode
Auto Mode
Turbo mode
Sleep mode

(1)Test conditions:Data refers to conditions and parameters as required by DOE requirements governing this product type. Outdoor Ambient Temperature DB 95°F/35°C - WB 75°F/24°C. Indoor Ambient Temperature DB 81°F/27°C - WB 66°F/19°C

(2) The sound pressure level has been measured into half-anechoic room at 3.3 feet (1m) with respect to the front of the unit with a microphone at 3.3 feet (1m) in height.