Global Presence

For over 60 years Olimpia Splendid has sold its Made in Italy products in more than 50 countries worldwide.

The Olimpia Splendid Group’s headquarters and manufacturing plant are located in Cellatica, Italy just outside of the city of Brescia, while in Gualtieri, in the province of Reggio Emilia, is where the company distribution center is located.

Since 2005, Olimpia Splendid was aware of the immense potential and opportunities on the global market for their products, and therefore initiated an internationalization strategy, which led to the Group’s considerable revenue growth.

In the same year, Olimpia Splendid opened two subsidiaries, a sales office in Madrid, Spain and an office in Shanghai, China, to handle the procurement and sales hub for the Asian markets.

In 2011, Olimpia Splendid foreseeing significant signs of growth in the renewable energy market in France, which aligned with the Group's internationalization objectives, opened the new sales office in Paris, France.

In 2017, the decision was made to expand its global footprint by opening a sales office in Itajaí, Brazil to be able to offer the Olimpia Splendid Made in Italy products to the Latin American market while still maintaining its corporate focus on internationalization.

In 2019 in New York (US) and Melbourne (Australia)


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