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Maestro Smart 9 HP

Our Maestro product line is the first AC and Heat Pump without the need for an outdoor unit. Outside the building the only thing visible are two attractively designed grills for intake and exhaust air. The entire installation can be completed from the inside space.


The most advanced technology is accompanied by the design Made in Italy
The outdoor unit? Removed! Only two holes can be seen on the external surface.
A multi filtering system that combines electrostatic with activated carbon filter


Rated Capacity in cooling: 9.212 BTU/hr (1)
Rated Capacity in heating 8.530 BTU/hr (2)
Rated Power Consumption in cooling mode: 930 watts
Rated Power Consumption in heating mode: 847 watts
Nominal absorption in cooling mode 8.36 A (1)
Nominal absorption in heating mode 8.15 A (2)
CEER 9.30 (calculated according to the ANSI RAC-1-2015 standard).
Functions: fan, dehumidification, sleep, auto, heating.
Sound pressure level min-max 33-42 dB  (3)
Refrigerant Gas Type R410A - Charge 1 lbs – 7 oz
Multifunction remote control
24 hour Timer

(1) Rated output power for cooling, CEER, hourly consumption, energy efficiency class tests DB 80.6°F/27°C - WB 67°F/19.4°C
(2) Rated output power for heating, CEER, hourly consumption, energy efficiency class tests DB 70°F/21°C - WB 60°F/16°C
(3)The sound pressure level is been measured into half-anecoic room far 2 meters respect front part equipment with a microphone at 1 meter of height. min means internal noise fan only at minimum speed